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Courtesy Cart Drivers

Volunteer Information

Thank you for volunteering for the West Texas Fair & Rodeo as a Courtesy Cart Driver. As our facility has grown, so has our need to help our patrons move from one place to another. This is a volunteer, unpaid position.

Please come to the General Office to get the cart keys and instructions.

There are three areas of responsibility for our courtesy drivers: Parking Lots, Midway and Livestock.

Parking Lots will be East and West of the Coliseum, and East of Gate H (the rock gate). Responsibility is to transport patrons from the parking lot to a ticket booth location. Ticket booths will be at Gate A by the main office and Gate H (the rock gate). Please pay attention to the volume of patrons at each gate and make a decision to take patrons to another gate to quickly get them in the fair grounds. Another ticket gate is located at Gate 3, which is just Northwest of the Taylor Telecom Arena. This is also a vehicle entrance.

Midway responsibilities will be taking patrons from Gates A, 3 and H to the midway area. Please drop patrons off at their first area of choice and return to the gate to collect more patrons.

Livestock responsibilities will be transporting livestock exhibitors and families to the First Financial Pavilion. Pick up areas will be the parking lot south of Shotwell Stadium, as well as the parking lot around Taylor Telecom Arena. The RV area south of FFP may also be monitored, but is not the highest priority.

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